Dying Fetus - Wrong One To Fuck With (Relapse Records)

Dying Fetus is back with vengeance…
Release Date: 
23 Jun 2017 (All day)

Let’s cut the nonsense shall we, “Wrong One To Fuck With” is indeed an album that is just that! Released by Relapse Records on June 23rd 2017, is Dying Fetus’ eighth LP and the killer Grindcore 3 piece; this absolute slaughter machine kicks off with “Fixated on Devastation” which is a brutal, groove laden track of sheer power and blast beats. “Panic Amongst the herd” starts with a staunch call. The responsiveness between the guitar work of John Gallagher and superior drumming of Trey Williams is unsurpassed and manifests into a stand out aural assault of dual barbaric vocals, chugging riffs; the finest blast beats and concludes in a climatic break down….

“Die With Integrity” is once again an extreme metal track of sheer blunt force, mixed with those pummeling drums, riffs galore and guttural vocals - that bring back memories of Dying Fetus’ earlier album ‘Stop At Nothing’ [2003]. “Reveling In The Abyss” is a six minute opus again with the mix of dual guttural vocals, some stand out showmanship of bass and guitar with all the meat and potatoes expected of the band by their fans.

“Seething With Disdain” is a fast paced grind track with heavy groove vocals that fit the melody of the song perfectly adding to the fast aggressive pace of the ever present chugging riffs that build into a frenzy of guitar solos, head banging bass and those ever present pummeling drums. Moving onto “Ideological Subjugation” we are now half way through the album and my neck is stiff already, the track is filled with a torrent of superior rhythms that go to build a powerhouse display of Death/Grind reminisce of ‘Code is Red’… era Napalm Death. Delightful! 

“Weaken The Structure” starts with perfect unison between the bass and drums which sets the tone for a rather impressive guitar solo, which simmers and rapidly fucking boils over into the grinding machine that actually resembles something being pummeled against a wall. Weaken The Structure – or should I say, weaken the fabric of my being! ends with yet another magnificent solo by Gallagher.

“Fallacy” twitches with a sort of black metal edged rhythm that then morphs back into death metal that has a Suffocation feel of brutality. “Unmitigated Detestation” showcases the pure aggression Dying Fetus have harbored over their years; extreme music at its best even out doing grind fore fathers Brutal Truth at their own game…The title track is everything Dying Fetus is famous for, epic brutality, guttural riffs, drums and that blast of magnificence and power!

Dying Fetus has out done themselves yet again with an album of such sheer extremity. Power, which listeners will remember through the ages and use as a benchmark for the genre for years to come. My contender for Heavy Metal album of the Year. Dying Fetus is back with vengeance…