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Arch Enemy blast Melbourne to hell!


Shadow's Fall pull in a blistering performance at Melbourne's Festival Hall.
Devil Driver take hold of Festival Hall and beat it mercilessly to a fine, mushy, metal pulp!
Lamb Of God obliterated all before them. Several notches above their peers - they had the entire Festival Hall in the palm of their collective hands - before putting the squeeze on and killing all before them. This is Metal!
It was as if the Dark Lord himself had ascended from the depths of Hell, as two of Lucifer's proud servants - Dark Funeral & Rotting Christ - permeated the Billboard Stage. All Hail Satan!


Combining this frenzy with Metallica’s bombastic appearance on stage made for a powerful jolt to the senses. For a minute, I forgot why I was there – so overwhelmed I was by the band before me. Last time I saw them was in the 80s on the ‘And Justice For All’ tour; and now, here I was, in the pit, feeling James Hetfield’s stare cut right through me.
To my left, the Demon appears…


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