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Arch Enemy blast Melbourne to hell!


With Chimaira in absolutely scintillating form, they were greeted by a maniacal, rabid, Melbourne Metal crowd (who were more like a pack of starving sharks circling a kill) ready to tear Billboard down! A classic gig!
It’s always refreshing going to a gig cold, not really expecting too much and then subsequently leaving totally and utterly blown away! Tonight’s Billboard Metalfest featured local act The Amenta opening the gates of hell for Goatwhore, Behemoth and Job For A Cowboy. A veritable feast of Metal goodness that had the Melbourne throng in pure Metal overload!
Devin looked positively maniacal. Stomping the stage and pulling and contorting his face with every lick and riff of his glorious flying V axe! The wall of sound behind him was as magic as you can get.
Machine Head, Hatebreed, Bleeding Through & Emmure come to Melbourne Town!


Combining this frenzy with Metallica’s bombastic appearance on stage made for a powerful jolt to the senses. For a minute, I forgot why I was there – so overwhelmed I was by the band before me. Last time I saw them was in the 80s on the ‘And Justice For All’ tour; and now, here I was, in the pit, feeling James Hetfield’s stare cut right through me.
To my left, the Demon appears…


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