The Palace

Cocked, Loaded and ready for Sex Action - LA Guns' Phil Lewis

From third on the bill to headliners overnight, LA Guns are ready to take on the challenge and save the day for the ill-fated 'Metal Health' tour...

You may or may not know, or indeed care, but Quiet Riot and Warrant aren’t coming to Australia this week.

Opeth @ The Palace (Melbourne), 25 Nov 2009

A resplendent night of awe-inspiring metal and music from the genre's flagship group.

Walking up to the Palace Theatre, the line extended up the street and around the corner. Melbourne looked as if it were under siege from an invasion of black-clad headbangers.

Gallery: Opeth @ The Palace (Melbourne), 25 Nov 2009

Just when you would get sucked in to the melodic and often times beautiful tranquil moments, the band kicked it up 10 gears and slashed your throat with a knife. Blistering.