2014 releases

Pythia - Shadows of a Broken Past (Own Label)

High quality metal AND Brian Blessed? Count us in!

Shadows of a Broken Past is album number three from the mighty Pythia and the first from the new line-up which debuted earlier this year and it has instantly improved an a

Orange Goblin - Back From the Abyss (Candlelight Records)

Tempestuous, original, but above all heavy, Orange Goblin return with a career-defining album...
Release Date: 
6 Oct 2014 - 11:30pm

If you had have told me fifteen years ago that British doom act Orange Goblin would still be around in 2014, releasing the most mature, spectacularly listenable music of their care

Aeon of Horus - Existence (Own Label)

Canberra progressives take a massive step towards the big time...
Release Date: 
2 Mar 2014 - 11:30pm

Canberra’s Aeon of Horus are back, with a second full length album that is frankly astounding in it’s vision, ambition and, most importantly, execution.